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Since its early days, Marché Dauphine has focused on the diversity of its vendors. They all work alongside, whether they are experienced antique dealers, young art craftsmen, record dealers, books sellers or art galleries.

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Once upon a time, in Saint Ouen, there was an alleyway named Passage Dauphine, a “de facto” delimitation due to the awkward geography of the Flea Market. In the early 1990s, this alley was replaced by a huge glass covered hall, in the style of Victor Baltard, the architect who built Les Halles de Paris in the 19th century.

Launched in 1991, Marché Dauphine has always promoted a singular mix between the best Flea Market tradition and trades and services, especially an exhibition room, the only one in the whole Flea Market. Under the glass canopy coexist specialized antique dealers, workshops, avant-garde artists…

Located on the first floor, Galerie Dauphine, the exhibition room, offers a diversified programming open to every kind of artistic discipline, various specialties and collections, always focusing on current trends.

Marché Dauphine is therefore a prestigious, well organized, singular, and very lively market, conveniently located at the beginning of rue des Rosiers, the main street that links most of the markets.

Specialties and singuralities: the heart of the Flea Market

Marché Dauphine has built a reputation as a singular, ultra-specialized market. It is the one and only to offer under the same roof the very best to satisfy all the requirements of  one’s curiosity. It serves as a place to live and share, a leisure area and a learning ground, always accessible, where Art history meets heritage, popular culture, experimental activities and Know-How.

A selection of what Marché Dauphine has to offer: classic and modern antiques,Pop culture and plastic design, furniture and objects from the 20th century, jewelry from the roaring twenties, antique tools, vintage fashion, trinkets, industrial furniture, precious antique fabrics, cartoons,  high-end watches and clocks, ancient postcards, fur, tapestry and trimmings, Americana, Orientalism, sound and hi-fi, ancient books and catalogs, small bric-a-brac, toys, music scores.. As well as art workshops –  birch marquetry, gilding, framework, paintings restoration, artists and painters. This is why Marché Dauphine can rightfully claim to be the heart of the Flea Market. 

Trends and mood

Dauphine has always anticipated trends. It was here that the first vintage hi-fi stand was established (prefiguring the Music Space), the first antique tool stand, the first theater textile stand, and the first contemporary art gallery. It was also here that the first ever Bookseller Square at the Flea Market was formed. Due to its elegant eclecticism and niche specializations, Marché Dauphine is regularly visited by many celebrities from entertainment, fashion, decoration, art, and creation industries, such as Sophie Marceau, Fabrice Luchini, Alain Ducasse, Vanessa Seward, Vincent Darré, Jean-Bernard Hebey, and Valérie Lemercier. This sparkling emulation is also illustrated by French artists murals from graffiti and street art, called upon and exhibited in Paris, Miami, and elsewhere, such as Ramzi Adek, who created the identity mural Modern & Classic.

In September 2013, Benoît Ramognino, a dealer specializing in Pop Culture, imported the FUTURO House into the Marché Dauphine. This very special vessel, orbiting around its utopian function and style, is programmed to host specific sales exhibitions.

The eclectic and niche offer of Marché Dauphine will delight the most demanding collectors, visitors in search of trendy objects, inspired creators, and the public eager to make discoveries.


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