Exclusively at Marché Dauphine!

Once more, on the occasion of Maison & Objet (January 18-22), Paris becomes the capital of interior design and furniture…and the Puces de Paris Saint-Ouen are the most desired place to find that exceptional item, the finest craft, the unique piece of furniture…

Throughout the years, each of the 14-some flea-markets has acquired their own style and personality, through the hundreds of antique dealers and their finds.

Below the glass-roof inspired by Baltard, the architect of the old Paris central marketplace, Marché Dauphine pulls up all the stops: famous for its eclecticism and the expertise of the 150-plus dealers, the market hosts this year the very select annual private Antiques Diva & Co “Champagne Brunch”.

Here are some of the exclusive antique pieces you will find only at Marché Dauphine…

La Salle des Coffres, Stand 124-126.
Italian chandelier, circa 1970. Metal frame and fabric. Diameter 350 cm (138 in)

Philippe Renard, Stand 147-148.
Florentine walnut table, 17th century
Neo-gothic style bench in solid oak, late 18th century – early 19th century
Neo-gothic armchair in solid oak, 19th century

Birch Bark, Stand 99
Birch Bark Furniture France designs of art furniture from furniture and antiques specially chosen to be dressed in birch inlay.

Galerie 47, Stand 71.
Jean Prouvé, “Métropole House” interior fitting, 1953. From “Cité Sans Soucis” in Meudon. Composed of aluminum and wood panels, steel and aluminum insulating false ceiling, electrical seal covers with switch and socket, doors with porthole.

Galerie Leyla Ahi, Stand 52-54
Men’s coat, circa 1900, France
Silk velvet aqua blue richly embroidered with flowers with diamond like buttons 

Galerie Sebban, Stand 48-49
Contemporary Art, Rach’mell ‘s exhibition

Galerie Ahi (Stand 60-61).
Tapestry, wool low warp weaving, Brussels, 17th century, 335 x 240 cm (131.9 x 94.5 in)

Galerie Cabotse, Stand 30.
Portrait d’élégante au chapeau noir, J Barisoni, pastel on canvas, late of 18th century, without frame: 96x80cm
In his original frame and signed on right bottom.
Parfait état
• Catalogue from Maison Bouvard et Duviard, Lyon, 1890 – 1921, featuring trimmings and gold and silk embroideries.

Galerie Artiliad, Stand 95-96.
Composition, Ladislas Kijno, gouache painting on crumpled paper, signed. 64 x 60 cm (25.19 x 23.6 in) without frame

MDRS Antiquités, Stand 107-109
Chest of drawers, an early 20th century version of an 18th century Transition style, that emerged circa 1750 at the beginning of Louis XVI reign, usually mixing rococo and classic styles. Made in Paris in the style of the great cabinet maker Riesener.

Galerie Vonthron, Stand 151.
William Vonthron specialized himself in antique lightings many years ago. He has become a reference for many French and International decorators.
The gallery exposes many pieces from the 19th- 20th century embodying French excellence.

Sounds Good, Stand 28.
Pair of ACS speakers, built by AEREP Workshop in 1972. Armed fiberglass. Only 25 pairs in the world.

William Oury, Stand 17-18
French country table, circa 1930-1940

Laurent Jamin, Stand 14.
Deyrolles piece with butterfly collection. Circa 1850.

Un singe en hiver, Stand 86-87
Rare industrial table, late 19th early 20th, riveted metal, old blue stone tray 1,5748 inch thick.
length 79,5276 inch, width 39,3701 inch, height 30,315 inch

Book section
Autographes Lepasséprésent, Stand 210-21

Music Section
Panorama Records, Stand 227.
Initials BB, Serge Gainsbourg, first original pressing

Vintage clothing
Falbalas, Stand 254-256
Antique textiles and garments and accessoiries

Photos : © Fernando Perez, J-M Palisse